Saturday, December 27, 2008


Lunchtime Demo by Danielle January 13 11am-1pm (will take around 30min) with make & take. Cost for make & take will be $ is an acrylic tag.

Crop demo will be by Jeanie or Kathy Jan. 16 7pm (30min) with make & take. Cost for make & take will be $1.00 will be the acrylic tag.


Crop for free on Jan.1 10-4
Regular crop Jan.2 6-11pm $5.00 (door prizes)
Jan 16 crop $5.00 with demo and make & take ($1)

upcoming classes

tim's tags....January 20th 7-9pm or 24th 10-12 $20.00. Come and have fun getting hands on experience with tim's techniques! we will make both items pictured here!
we will be featuring tim's techniques/tags every month. thanks tim for all your inspiration. cost will be $20.00 per class or sign up for the series to receive tim's technique punch card (class discounts)...all who attend will receive a discount on tim's products the day of the class.

looking ahead:
recipe card class is BACK! January 30 7-9pm $20.00
things i love mini album Feb 7 2-4pm $30

I think anything pink in the store should be 15 % off in honor of these beautiful let Kathy know you saw it here on Saturday Dec. 27 to receive your discount....

text reminders

Would you like text reminders and info?
Just put one of these codes in the subject line or text message and send to 29222.
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Monday, December 22, 2008


On the right is...
Baby Bridget...6lb 15oz 20 inches. What a joy to hold her and what a miracle she is already doing so much better. How fragile yet resilient a baby is. If only life would be kind and warm all of her days. On the left Emma looks at her new baby sister with her dad. I am gonna try and get a family shot before the week is out to put on here. I think anything pink in the store should be 15 % off in honor of these beautiful let Kathy know you saw it here on Saturday Dec. 27 to receive your discount....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hello everyone…Merry Christmas! I want to say thank you again for being so understanding about me having to leave town early because of weather and family. Just want to give you an update on all that has happened in such a short time. I got here at 12:15am Wednesday morning, got up and hit the ground running …From taking care of Emma to Christmas programs to baby Bridget’s birth to trying to spend time with the grandchildren leaving for Christmas before they left to helping with the one’s left here…it has been a busy time. Bridget and Janice have had a rough go of it so far and I am praying things will go smoother soon. I am so grateful to have been here to help my children and grandchildren (Kensie had surgery 12/16) in their time of need. I have been practicing with my new camera and hope to upload some pictures for you soon.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Everyday life is laced with special occasions, not just here and there, or now and then--but everywhere and all the time. Grabbing hold of this simple idea is like winning a front-row ticket to the grandest adventure of all. So come along and savor the journey. Feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. Be thrilled when you make a new friend. Be swept away if you've found a new love. Laugh and cry at weddings. Dance the night away at every anniversary. Cherish your family and your work. Roll around on the floor with the kids. Look forward to all your birthday mornings. And with every sunrise, start your life anew." lovelife Kobi Yamada

Sunday, December 7, 2008


My daughter Janice is scheduled for induction on Dec. 17th and has asked me to come. She will get an unltasound Tuesday to make sure everything is a go. As a result I will close at 3pm Tuesday Dec 16 to go to Cheyenne for the baby and to watch Emma. Kathy will have the store open Thursday Dec. 18th from 4-9pm, Friday Dec.19th 11am-11pm for late night shopping and cropping, and Sat Dec 20th 10-4....thank you Kathy. The store will have to be closed the week of Christmas. We will re-open Dec. 27th with Kathy 10-4. I will be back and open Monday Dec 29th 9-5...
IN Fact to make up for being away with Janice and her little family...WE WILL BE OPEN 9AM-5PM MON. 12/29 & TUES. 12/30 &
WEDNESDAY 12/31 (NORMALLY CLOSED), 10AM-5PM THURSDAY 1/1, 11AM-7PM FRI. 1/2, 10-4 SAT. 1/3.

Thank you and Tuesday

Hi everyone. The after Thanksgiving sale was great and it was fun to see everyone. Many of you met David and both him and Kathy were great help. I just wish i had more time to talk with each person. Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement. Great Falls has many! wonderful people. Our first late night for croppers and shoppers was fun. (remember the 1st and 3 Fridays).
Tueaday December 9th is our next lunch time demo...sorry no pictures my card reader is on the blitz but will get a new one tomorrow. Demo is ornaments! cool fun fast....please join us anytime between 11-1.